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Kids Snow Bike Starter Kit for 110cc Dirt Bikes

In 2017, Timbersled launched the first Ripper model for 110cc dirt bikes. Years later, we introduced the Ripper 93. While the above video features an older Timbersled system, the joy Brett and his kids experienced while riding as a family is one that lasts a lifetime.

Join Brett Blaser as he explains how you can easily convert your child’s 110cc dirt bike into a snow bike with the Timbersled Ripper snow bike conversion system. Take on the snowy backcountry together as a family and build memories to last a lifetime. Check out our lineup to find a youth snow bike system.


Video Highlights


Riding dirt bikes in the snow, Kid snow biking, Family snow biking

Narrator/Persons featured:

Former Timbersled Product Pro, Brett Blaser and his kids


Timbersled Garage and park in Sandpoint, Idaho


On and off-trail in a snowy backcountry

Product(s) featured:

Kawasaki and Yamaha 110cc dirt bikes with the Timbersled Ripper 93 youth systems. Honda dirt bike converted to a snow bike. 

Video Transcription

Brett Blaser: “At Timbersled, we're all dirt bikers. And most of us have kids.

Now there are few things that compare with seeing your son or daughter take off on a dirt bike and really enjoy it. The Ripper lets them to enjoy their 110 in the winter as well.

The Timbersled Ripper is a system that lets you quickly convert the 110cc Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki dirt bikes from dirt to snow.

My dream expectation was to be able to have my boys follow me through the trees and back up into some of our winter basins, that's a pretty tall order for a little bike.

So how does it really perform? To find out, I've put 2 of my own boys on Ripper 93s several different times in varying conditions. And you be the judge.”

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