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2024 Timbersled Gen 2 RIOT 3 Walkaround with Brock Bolin

Join Brock Bolin, Timbersled Product Specialist, as he discusses the new and exciting features on the 2024 RIOT 3 with Gen 2 platform.

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New products, 2024 snow bike updates

Narrator/Persons featured:

Brock Bolin


Mountains, fields, trails, backcountry, deep powder

Product(s) featured:

Timbersled RIOT 3, Timbersled RIOT 3 Pro S, FOX shocks, Yamaha dirt bike, QDT belt drive, Kawasaki dirt bike, Husqvarna dirt bike, Timbersled TRIO front shock, Traverse Ski & Spindle Kit

Video Transcription


Brock Bolin: "Brock Bolin, Product Specialist with Timbersled products. We're up here on the mountain today trying out the new 2024 product. We're really excited to bring this to market. This here is our RIOT 3 Pro S in the new Gen 2.


We're really excited to bring this to market. As you may or may not be aware, we brought the ARO 3 into the Gen 2 chassis last year (2023). We're really excited to bring this into the RIOT 3. Continuing the use of our Gen 2 3-inch track, we introduced last year. In order to do that, we needed to narrow up the rail spacing. We accomplished this by creating a new rear arm. The rear arm mounts inboard on the rear mount, is bent to come outboard of the rails to give us the clearance we need for full suspension travel. We also narrowed up the H brace, this really Stout piece here in the front keeps the rails straight and true and gives the skid a lot of a lot of durability. We also had to narrow up the cross shafts which allowed us to drop some weight out of this skid so, we're really excited about that.
We're continuing the use of our Fox internal bypass shocks. These shocks are have been working fantastic for us for the last few years. We're really excited to continue working with Fox on these. The spiral fluting and the shock bodies allows the shock to have a really nice soft supple feel going down the trail and then you get into a big G out situation, it prevents you from bottoming out.
We also continue the use of the QS3 clickers. The rear shock has a lockout base valve indicated with the blue knob. This allows us to have soft mode where we get a really aggressive wheelie kit. It likes to be really playful, re-entries really super fun and then we drop into a big drainage we need to climb back out, we can just reach down put this into the lockout mode and then the kit will stay planted, keep the front end down and allow us to climb out of the deepest snow. So, we're really excited to continue use of these IBP shocks from Fox.
Moving forward, you can see we continue the use of our Quick Drive Timbersled or QDT. This is our belt drive kit that we're super excited to bring into the RIOT 3 chassis. We introduced it last year and we're going to continue it for 2024. This paired up with the New Gen 2, the lighter track, the lighter skid, really is just an ultimate package.
Moving forward, you can see we continued the use of our Traverse ski and spindle kit. This being an S model obviously we got the low spindle on it but what's really unique about this is we've completely redesigned the ski rubber and although that sounds like a really small change, the way it makes the machine handle is absolutely incredible. When you come into a corner, you can really come in hot, drive deep into the corner, as you're coming around the ski doesn't want to trail chatter at all. It allows you to really accelerate hard out of the corners.
Finally, we brought over the new lightweight ski tow coming from the Pro RMK, again utilizing the engineering prowess that the Polaris team brings to us. We're really excited to bring this to market.
This is the RIOT 3 Pro S Gen 2."