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Snowcheck Exclusive Models & Customization
Exclusive Colors & Options

What is SnowCheck?

SnowCheck is a program every spring for new model year Timbersleds. Through the SnowCheck pre-order program, certain new Timbersleds are available with exclusive options, colors, and other features.

SnowCheck Timing

SnowCheck Timing

SnowCheck for model year 2021 started March 2, 2020 and ended May 1, 2020.

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ARO 3 Velocity Image

Top Shelf Technology


For 2021, the all-new ARO 3 Velocity & RIOT Velocity and color options on all models are SnowCheck exclusive. You can select your model and color to perfectly fit your style, only through SnowCheck.

Model Eligibility

Model Eligibility

SnowCheck for model year 2021 started on March 2nd, 2020 and ended May 1, 2020. Eligible models are ARO®, RIOT®, and 120 SX.

Timbersled Lifestyle

SnowCheck Information

SnowCheck Information

SnowCheck customers interested in the status of their order are encouraged to reach out to their Timbersled dealer. Dealers are the best resource for determining shipment, arrival dates, and answering any questions.

"It is absolutely phenomenal how easy it is to do cool things on a Timbersled"
- Levi LaVallee

Frequently Asked Questions