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Timbersled Buyer's Guide

The following video can help you decide which Timbersled snow bike system is the best choice for your needs and riding style. 

For more on the Timbersled RIOT, watch the following video:

And for more on the Timbersled ARO 3, watch this video:

For an intro to the ARO S and RIOT S models, watch the following video:

For more on choosing the right Timbersled snow bike system, listen to the Help! I Need a Snowmobile or Snow Bike episode of the Polaris Podcast. The Timbersled discussion starts at the 21:56 mark.
More information can be found by viewing fitment tables and installation instructions for Timbersled kits.
Find maintenance procedures, tips and specifications in your Owner's Manual.
Find a Timbersled Dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.

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