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Chain Tensioning Tips

Ensuring proper chain tension is important when installing and maintaining your Timbersled system. Here are some tips for model year 2017 ST 120, 2017 SX 120, 2017 LT 137 and 2017-2019 ST 120 Raw systems.

With the bike on a stand so the track is off the ground, adjust your chain so that it is tight to the touch as shown in your installation instructions. For Timbersled Suspension Strut models, this is required due to the chain becoming looser when the TSS suspension is compressed. For Timbersled Fixed Strut models the chain will loosen up as it breaks in.

Verify your bike is using the recommended motorcycle countershaft sprocket noted in the far right column of the applicable Fitment Table or Install Kit Selection Guide. This should work to get proper chain tension in most cases. If not, try a smaller or larger motorcycle countershaft sprocket (available from OEM motorcycle dealers or powersports dealers) and re-adjust chain tension.

For 2018 and 2019 systems, another option is to order an optional thicker chain slider to replace the stock slider on the front left eyelet of your Timbersled frame using the existing hardware. The optional thicker slider will take up more chain slack and is easy to install.

The stock slider, shown below left, is part number 5453512. The optional thicker slider, shown below right, is part number 5454242.


The larger chain glide requires less downforce on the Timbersled chain tensioner and can be the solution when a loose chain is too close to the track. The slider is item 19 on the below diagram.

Chain slider diagram

Finally, you can install a smaller, 16-tooth (part number 2206807) or larger, 18-tooth (part number 2206811) sprocket on the jackshaft, in combination with a larger or smaller countershaft sprocket, in order to get proper primary chain tension. 

To order a chain slider or sprocket, either visit the Timbersled online parts catalog or visit your local Timbersled Dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.

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