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Avalanche Safety


When it comes to mountain riding, we live for epic terrain and adrenaline. We live for powder days filled with blue skies and accept that there is inherent risk in this incredible playground. That’s why Polaris® has partnered with PIEPS®, the recognized global leader in premium alpine avalanche safety equipment to create an exclusive lineup only available through Polaris. With their state-of-the-art equipment that allows you to practice, you’ll have the confidence of knowing exactly how to face any emergency and ensure you’re prepared for anything.

Avalanche Gear
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Pieps JetForce SC Avy Pack

Exclusively through Polaris®


Featuring the latest advancement in avalanche airbag technology, the PIEPS JetForce SC uses the new Alpride E1 electric airbag system. This powerful, fan-based system charges via both a micro USB and AA batteries, and is housed in a 20-liter pack that stores essential avalanche safety equipment.