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Custom Timbersled Wraps

Timbersled Snow Bikes with custom wraps from

MotoWrapr Design Studio

MotoFX Graphics innovative MotoWrapr Design Studio allows users to endlessly create unique color options for their sled wraps. In a few simple steps, you can have access to millions of design possibilities. Colorize your wrap today and make it one of a kind!


Motorwrapr design studio tool

1. Select your Bike Model.
2. Choose any base MotoWrapr design.
3. Choose any pre-saved colorway. Don't see a colorway you like? No problem! You can change the colors on virtually every design!
4. Click the "Edit Colors" button.
5. Choose any layer and select from 51 unique colors.
6. Save your new design to your account.
7. Add to Cart, choose your Timbersled and Bike Model options, wrap finish and add any logos.

*Pro-Tip: Select your factory panel and accent colors in the MotoWrapr Design Studio to see the most accurate representation of your wrap on your sled.


See why MotoFX Graphics is the industry leader in Timbersled wraps and graphics.

motofx graphics material dna

1. MotoFX Material DNA

MotoFX Graphics exclusive 17mil ultra aggressive material has been specifically formulated for power sports applications and designed with Revolutionary FLO-Technology, allowing for a simple, bubble-free install. It's the perfect blend of easy application and ultimate durability.

2. Tested by the best. Trusted by the best!

Premiere snowbike athletes like Brock Buttars, Sarah Roth, Chris Burandt, Dan Adams, Keith Curtis, Team VHR Motorsports and countless others have trusted MotoFX Graphics for years and continue to push the limits of Timbersled wraps. While our wraps are certainly not indestructible, you can rest assured, that if these guys can't break them, no one can!

timbersled in action with custom graphics from motofx
14 day hassle free returns

3. Hassle-Free Returns & Exchanges

Take the worry out of ordering online. MotoFX Graphics will return or exchange your timbersled wrap, no questions asked, up to 14 days after purchase.

4. Easy DIY Installation

MotoFX Graphics Timbersled wraps are specifically engineered for an easy DIY install. Everything from our premium material to our easy to use installation kits are made with the customer in mind. Check out our install videos and see how easy it really is.