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Timbersled News - The King of the Mountain

Get Your Winter Adrenaline Rush on a Timbersled

Timbersled® creates an entirely new experience that might just be the most exciting thing you can do on the snow right now.

Looking for a healthy dose of adrenaline to get you through the long winter months? Then you'll definitely want to check out the Timbersled, a hybrid vehicle that combines a traditional dirt bike and snowmobile to create an entirely new experience that just might be the most exciting thing you can do on snow right now. 

The Timbersled was the brainchild of Allen Magnum, the founder of the company, which was built on his expertise for designing snowmobiles for use in the steep and demanding terrain of the mountains.

Back in 2008, Allen rode something that was akin to an off-road dirt bike motorcycle designed for use on the snow for the very first time. He found it fun and invigorating, but with his background he knew he could build something better. So, after he returned home he immediately went to work on designing his own snow bike, and the concept for the Timbersled was born. 

Over the next couple of years, Allen built and tested a slew of prototypes before creating his first true Timbersled conversion system. This allowed owners of dirt bikes to turn their motorcycles into a machine that they could ride on the snow. In the conversion process the front tire is replaced with a single ski, while a track system, not unlike those found on a snowmobile, was added to the back. This gives the vehicle a unique look that is certainly unlike anything else out on the trail, but it also brought snow biking to a completely new level as well.

At first glance, the Timbersled looks like something you'd find on the set of the latest James Bond flick. It is the high-tech melding of a motorcycle and snowmobile, complete with electric ignition, disc breaks, and an aggressive suspension designed to provide a comfortable ride even over rough terrain.

It has the soul of a dirt bike, the tread of a tank, and a body that resembles nothing else on Earth. 

While standing still, there is no doubt that the Timbersled looks a bit ponderous. It's long, oddly shaped, and it has parts that don't necessarily look like they belong together. But in motion, the snow bike is another beast altogether. It is powerful, fast, and fun to ride, with more agility than you would expect. On the snow, it truly shines, carving powder with ease.

Getting fully oriented with this unique snow machine takes just a few minutes, although you might not think so when you first get on one. Early on, it feels like the Timbersled could easily fall over while you're riding it, and taking a sharp turn seems like an impossibility. But it doesn't take all that much time in the saddle before you realize that it is more agile than it appears, and that its front ski provides more stability than you would expect. Before long, everything starts to fall into place as you learn to trust the vehicle, even in deep snow and rough terrain. When that happens, you'll suddenly find yourself making turns that you didn't think were possible just a few minutes earlier, and becoming increasingly comfortable over all.

After a short orientation session, the world is open to the Timbersled rider. Whether you're gunning the throttle in an open meadow, or riding it down a narrow trail, this is a machine that you can take just about anywhere on snow. It is lighter and more maneuverable than a standard snowmobile, which makes it easier to maneuver into places that weren't necessarily possible before. That is a big part of what makes this ride so exciting and fun. Whether you're driven to explore the backcountry, or just want a wild rush of adrenaline, the Timbersled can give you the experience you crave. It is, quite simply, a unique machine that will change the way you look at outdoor winter activities. 

The Timbersled conversion kits aren't cheap. They start at $4000, and go up from there depending on the model you're interested in.

It is available in two styles as well, "long" and "short." The long version is better suited for deeper snow, and is a bit less agile, while the short model can take tighter turns but isn't quite as strong in heavy powder. Both perform very well however, and are simply a joy to ride.

Find out more at Timbersled and check out this video to see this unique machine in action. 
By: Kraig Becker