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Waterproof, Expandable Tunnel Bag

Keep your gear secure on even the harshest trails with our Updated Essentials Tunnel Bag. Made of compression-molded nylon, it’s waterproof and expandable, designed with an accordion-style top to allow for increased capacity and storage. It also comes with interior Velcro straps to further secure your cargo. So whether it’s a socket wrench for unexpected repairs, extra gauntlets, or your phone, your gear will stay safe, dry, and protected from the elements.

Video Highlights


Snow bike storage accessories, snow bike tunnel bag, waterproof snow bike accessories

Narrator/Persons featured:

Former Timbersled Product Pro, Brett Blaser


Timbersled Garage in Sandpoint, Idaho

Product(s) featured:

Timbersled Essentials Tunnel Bag, KTM dirt bike, Timbersled ARO

Video Transcription


Brett Blaser: "Hey, this is Brett with Timbersled. Today we're going to talk briefly about the new essentials bag. This is one of my favorite PGA products that we have. You can bring everything with you that you don't want in your backpack.


It's got a fully waterproof tub. It also has a strap inside so you can secure your larger items. Let's say you're down the trail a little ways, the bag is full and you don't have anywhere to stuff your bulky mid layer. Well, the best thing about this new bag it's expandable so I can quickly zip this open, bag expands, and now I have enough space for those other bulky items that I forgot to put in the bag. Quick and easy and I'm back on the trail.


Go to or your local Timbersled dealer to get yours today."