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Michael Elkin

State: New Hampshire
Timbersled: (2) Timbersled 120R's
Favorite place to Ride: White Mountain Region of NH


Born for the snow, Michael began riding snowmobiles around the age of age of 6 on a Little Skipper that was beautifully restored by his father and uncle, and now resides in a museum. This was a passion shared throughout life with his dad. He now gets to enjoy riding with his wife & teenage son, while his two year old daughter loves yard rides.

Michael now lives on a snowmobile trail in northern NH and cannot wait to get his Timbersled 120R’s out and share his passion for Timbersled with others. He loves spirited trail riding, exploring rural areas, and the camaraderie of the snow-bike and snowmobile community. He has always felt at home on the snow, and some of his best stories and memories come from the snowy trails!