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Cliff Keveryga

State: Alberta, Canada
Timbersled: 2020 Timbersled ARO 3 129
Favorite place to Ride: Rocky Mountains, Canada


Cliff was introduced to this exciting new sport in 2016.  Cliff and his friends rented snowbikes ONE time and they were hooked.  As a motocross enthusiast, this seemed like the logical progression!  Cliff bought his first kit in 2017 and converted his dirt bike. Cliff now has a dirt bike and a dedicated snowbike.  Cliff loves the freedom this sport offers....the ability to literally go anywhere on the hill...and explore areas that have not been discovered before.  Cliff was a professional motocross and jet-ski racer. He feels snowbiking is the perfect combination of both these exhilarating sports.  As a Canadian - Cliff lives in the perfect climate for snow biking.  He never liked winter before - but now can't wait for the snow to fall!  Cliff has become an advocate for snow biking.  He constantly encourages others to try the sport - and always takes time to answer questions about the bike, the process and the sport - from people on the hill, in the parking lot or anywhere really!  His goal is to bring as many people into this awesome "lifestyle" as possible.  He wants everyone to experience the adrenaline and excitement only this sport can offer.