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Timbersled ARO 3 Features

Suspension Technology

FOX Racing QS3 Shocks - Premium Trim

The FOX Racing QS3 remote reservoir shocks, standard on the premium trim, feature an easy, three click compression adjustment. High performance shock technology and compression adjustment enables easy tuning to any terrain.

FOX Racing IBP QS3 - PRO trim

The all-new IBP QS3 shocks from FOX Racing set the standard for snow bike performance. The Internal Bypass (IBP) design is position sensitive, reacting to where the shock is in the stroke. This position sensitivity delivers a smooth ride over stutter bumps and rough terrain, while maintaining bottom out resistance for bit hits and drops. The shocks feature an all-new lightweight design, which reduces critical unsprung mass and improves the overall performance of the Timbersled. The QS3 adjustment features three quick select compression settings, easily tuning the Timbersled to the riding style and conditions.

S Package

The S package features a shorter front spindle and rear shocks, lowering the system while delivering strong suspension performance. With up to a 3” lower seat height, the ARO 3 S enables the rider to dominate the powder with ease and agility.

Narrow Frame and Lightweight Rails

Narrow rail spacing featured within the Gen 2 Platform now provides less feedback from uneven terrain with stronger support shafts giving a smooth edge to edge transition in the snow.

Deep Snow Performance

Gen 2 11.5 X 129 X 3.0 Track

2lbs lighter than the Timbersled Traverse track, with added durability and a new 3" paddle design, the Gen 2 3" track offers maximum traction and strength to power through any deep snow terrain.

Lightweight Anti-Ratchet Drivers

The lightweight anti-ratchet drivers have a 29% less rotating mass and are 1.25lb lighter than the MY22 lightweight drive shaft helping to deliver power faster and more efficiently to the new Gen 2 track.

Gen 2 Rear Suspension

The ARO suspension design has an overall 12lb weight reduction with a lightweight single-arm design and a narrow rail system that capitalizes on effortless handling and precision in the backcountry.

Durability to Conquer Deep Snow Terrain

Racing Heritage

Timbersled has been dominating for years – from local tracks to X-Games gold medals. This race-proven design is incorporated into every Timbersled built.


QDT delivers top performance with an ultra-durable belt drive design featuring hardened steel sprockets, a quicker spool for faster power delivery and 48% reduction in inertia. The belt is significantly less maintenance than a traditional chain system while also minimizing noise and vibration on the mountain for a more enjoyable ride.

Pre-Bled Brake System

Timbersled brakes come from the factory pre-bled, ready to ride. A molded plastic brake cover eliminates ice and debris build up in the system.