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RIDE WITH US. Win a 2021 Timbersled Kit of Your Choice.

Timbersled 120 SX

Born to Race. Built to Win.

Starting at $8,499 CA MSRP

Championship Caliber Design

The new 120 SX is based on the race team exclusive 120R - bringing X-Games and Snocross dominating design to a SnowCheck exclusive kit. Equipped with race-ready features and technology, it's destined for one place: the podium.

Race Ready Suspension

The FOX QSR shocks on the 120 SX are an ultra-high performance design, built for the track. Complete with full rebound and compression adjustability, they also feature internal bypass, providing more response and resisting bottom out.

Lightweight Precision

The compact chassis is more nimble and efficient, thanks to narrower rails and track. Coupled with a 95 lb kit, the 120 SX shreds tight corners with ease, putting more horsepower to the snow.

Trims & Options

120 SX

Timbersled 120 SX

Starting at $8,499 CA MSRP
Trim & Color options White

Available Only During SnowCheck Spring 2020 Pre-Order Program.


  • 120" Timbersled Traverse Track
  • Timbersled Traverse Ski
  • FOX® 1.5 Zero LSC-R Shocks
  • Race Spindle
  • EK X-Ring Chain
  • Tunnel Doubler Plates
  • Heavy-Duty Suspension Components
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