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Customizing Your Timbersled 120 SX Suspension

120 S X shocks diagram

Timbersled 120 SX snow bike models are equipped with FOX® 1.5 Zero LSC-R shocks on both the front and rear of the track. Each shock uses a set of clickers to adjust compression and rebound damping. Increasing or decreasing the shock dampers changes the stiffness or softness of your ride.

Set your snow bike's spring preload adjustments BEFORE adjusting the shock clickers. Caution: DO NOT EXCEED the MIN/MAX preload values (defined by the tables in this article). Never adjust spring preload shorter than the minimum allowable length. Adjusting shorter than this length could result in damage to the suspension. Failure to comply may result in injury or damage to equipment.

Spring Preload Adjuster
Adjusting the rear track spring preload (1) helps tune vehicle balance between the ski and rear track during rider weight transfer. Heavier riders will typically require more preload than lighter riders.

  • For LESS weight transfer, increase the rear shock spring preload by turning the preload adjuster clockwise.
  • For MORE weight transfer, decrease the rear shock spring preload by turning the preload adjuster counterclockwise.

Compression Damping Clicker
Adjusting the compression damping clicker (2) helps create a stiffer or softer ride by customizing the rate of shock compression over rough terrain.

  • For a STIFFER ride, turn the clicker clockwise to increase damping.
  • For a SOFTER ride, turn the clicker counterclockwise to decrease damping.

Rebound Damping Clicker
The rebound damping clicker (3) is located on the shaft side of each shock. The rebound clicker controls how the shock returns to the proper position after a bump or irregularity in terrain. Adjust the rebound damping clicker to create a smoother ride.

  • For a STIFFER ride, increase rebound damping by turning the clicker clockwise.
  • For a SOFTER ride, decrease rebound damping by turning the clicker counterclockwise.

Shock Spring Settings

Shock Location Shock Type Spring Rate Factory Installed Length Minimum Allowable Length
Front Track FOX® 1.5 Zero LSC-R 200 7-7/8 in 7-25/32 in
FOX® 1.5 Zero LSC-R 200 7-7/8 in 7-25/32 in

More maintenance information can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To view diagrams and find replacement part numbers, view the online parts catalog.

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