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Towing and Transporting Tips

When transporting your snow bike, obey the following guidelines.

  • Be sure the fuel cap and oil cap are installed correctly.
  • Securely tie the snow bike to the transporting unit using suitable straps.
  • Remove the ignition key — if equipped — to prevent loss.

Using a cover is recommended when transporting your vehicle on an open trailer. Polaris offers a variety of covers and other transport accessories.

Towing Your Snow Bike
If your snow bike is disabled and in need of a tow, Polaris recommends using the Timbersled Snow Bike Tow Rope (part number 2883655). The Snow Bike Tow Rope is exclusively designed for snow bikes and designed to work with all Timbersled models.

Read the detailed instructions before beginning installation. It will be easier to install the tow rope if your snow bike is kept clean and free of debris. For your safety and to ensure a satisfactory installation, perform all steps in the correct order.

Never use a strap that is frayed, worn or otherwise damaged. Never use the Timbersled Snow Bike Tow Rope in conjunction with cables, chains or other devices. Never place or wrap the strap on or around any sharp objects that may damage, cut or otherwise compromise the strap integrity. Never apply excessive force into the strap by using it as a jerk strap. Always take out all slack in the tow rope before pulling the vehicle. Do not use it as a jerk strap. Failure to comply may lead to serious injury or death.

To install the rope, start by locating the two foot peg loops on the end of the strap. Pass the leading portion of each foot peg strap through the foot peg loop to create a cinching loop as shown below.

Cinching loop

Then feed both foot peg straps through the front forks to each foot peg as shown below. Pull the cinch loops tight around the inner portion of the foot pegs as shown to ensure the loops do not pull off during use.


If your snow bike is equipped with Timbersled TRIO, make sure the straps are routed as shown with one strap on each side of the TRIO shock assembly. Do not cross the straps.


To connect the tow rope to the towing vehicle, feed the carabiner and strap around the rear bumper and clip the carabiner strap to one of the three loop strap locations, achieving the desired tow rope length.


Double check to make sure the strap is properly routed and secured before towing your snow bike.

Make sure the snow bike being towed is in neutral and that the towing vehicle is operating at a slow speed.

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