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TSS Features

Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS) with QSL

The TSS is an air shock that connects your dirt bike to the Timbersled system, replacing the bike's rear shock. Easily adjustable for all riding styles, the TSS Install Kit provides up to 80% more rear suspension travel and restores your dirt bike's natural suspension feel and pivot point. 

Quick Switch with Lockout

The new TSS features a three position Quick Switch with Lockout, allowing the rider to dial in the TSS for any riding style or conditions. The lockout switch makes the shock virtually rigid, greatly enhancing climbing capability in the deepest snow. 


The first setting provides a soft, smooth ride over rough trails and terrain. The middle setting provides plush response over big drops and aggressive riding. The lockout setting delivers superior floatation and response in the deepest snow conditions.

Find Your TSS

The TSS finder will help you find the TSS that fits your dirt bike and ARO, RIOT, or Mountain Horse Timbersled system.

Polaris timbersled product pros

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Our Timbersled Product Pros are here to help. They are passionate experts who can help you get the answers you need for anything Timbersled related. Available 11 AM - 5 PM PST (M-F).