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2024 Gen 2 RIOT 3 Features

Introducing the new 2024 RIOT Gen 2. Learn about exciting new features on the 2024 RIOT Gen 2 snow bike system.

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Informational, 2024 updates


Mountains, fields, trails, backcountry, deep powder, snocross

Product(s) featured:

Timbersled RIOT Gen 2, Kawasaki dirt bike, Honda dirt bike, Yamaha dirt bike, KTM dirt bike, Husqvarna dirt bike, Timbersled TRIO front shock, QDT Belt Drive

Video Transcription


"The Next Generation Timbersled is here. Introducing the new 2024 RIOT Gen 2. Lighter, more agile, more responsive. It's the Timbersled designed for those who want to ride anywhere.


The tightest lines become easy with the more responsive side-to-side agility found in the new narrowed suspension.


You'll accelerate faster with our new second generation 3-inch track that's lighter and more durable.


The quicker response of the Gen 2 RIOT comes courtesy of the reduced inertia of our QDT belt drive system. And at three pounds lighter than our previous RIOT, it's even easier to ride.


The new 2024 Timbersled RIOT Gen 2. It's time to get rowdy."