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2024 Timbersled Athlete & Ambassador Testimonial

The 2024 Timbersled Lineup is here. See what Carrie Barton, Brock Hoyer, Gary Ausman and Shelley Balls, our Timbersled athletes and ambassadors, are saying about the lineup.

Video Highlights


Testimonial, rider reactions

Narrator/Persons featured:

Carrie Barton, Brock Hoyer, Gary Ausman, Shelley Balls


Mountains, fields, trails, backcountry, deep powder, snocross

Product(s) featured:

Timbersled RIOT 3 Gen 2, Kawasaki dirt bike, Honda dirt bike, Yamaha dirt bike, KTM dirt bike, Husqvarna dirt bike, Timbersled TRIO front shock, Fox shocks

Video Transcription


Carrie Barton: "When you're on the road or dirt, you're always following some other path that somebody's made. And on a Timbersled, you get to decide where you go and that is just like the most free feeling ever."


Brock Hoyer: "It's just freedom. We can go in places that are just really challenging to get in with sleds and access new areas and see new terrain and I think the favorite thing about riding a snow bike for me is knowing that it's been the first motorized vehicle in a certain area. I think the big thing with these kits is that they're tough. I know it's going to take the abuse I'm going to give it."


Gary Ausman: "I haven't broke anything on Timber sled in years they're they take the abuse."


Carrie Barton: "This Gen 2 RIOT 3 is incredible actually, like one of the things coming off of a original Gen 1 RIOT 3 that I noticed immediately was it's actually even more nimble than the original RIOT."


Shelley Balls: "Oh my gosh, the Quick Drive has made a huge difference. I can't believe how much more power I feel."


Gary Ausman: "Instantly I noticed that I could get track speed faster and in a climb I was holding RPMs longer into the climbs."


Carrie Barton: "I immediately noticed that some of the bikes were riding better on the trail. I was able to go faster and push the turns and I wasn't feeling that chatter. I just felt more in control and then I found out later that they had that new ski rubber on him and I was like "oh, okay that makes sense now.""


Brock Hoyer: "Ski felt a lot more on edge and controllable. As soon as we left the trailers, instantly just felt the narrow rails, the playfulness."


Carrie Barton: "The transitions are a lot smoother. You got a lot more side grip because of those narrow rails in that new track and that bite."


Gary Ausman: "So, the difference is between the RIOT and ARO, the ARO is a little more compliant as far as less rider input required."


Carrie Barton: "So, the best suspension for the people that want to huck and do crazy stuff are just a starter kit to get somebody going in the sport. I can recommend something to anybody I meet."


Shelley Balls: "My favorite is the RIOT 3 S Pro Gen 2. The S model is slammed so it's shorter, so it's a little bit easier. It gives me that confidence when I come to a stop and when I take off."


Brock Hoyer: "I think these things, just, they get you in places that just put a grin on your face every day."