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Easy Snow Bike Loading with the Timbersled Pivot Dolly

Use our pivot dolly to easily maneuver and load your snow bike into a truck or trailer. The pivot dolly attaches within seconds to your spindle, making installation a no-brainer. Made of powder-coated steel, this dolly is sturdy enough to keep your bike in place for any adjustments or repairs, but pivots seamlessly to allow for easy maneuvering of your Snowbike when not in use.


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Video Highlights


Loading a snow bike into a truck or trailer, loading tips, using the pivot dolly

Narrator/Persons featured:

Former Timbersled Product Pro, Brett Blaser


Timbersled Garage in Sandpoint, Idaho

Product(s) featured:

Timbersled Pivot Dolly, KTM dirt bike

Video Transcription


Brett Blaser: "Another great thing about the Timbersled Pivot Dolly is when I'm moving in between the garage and the truck or when I'm loading it in the truck or the trailer, it's easy to just pull that bike up next to my hip and I'm very comfortable and confident as I load up the ramp.


Another great thing about the Timbersled Pivot Dolly is if I put it in my truck and it's not quite in the right location, I used to have to grab here or figure out how to move it around. We have this loading and moving handle, as long as you have the safety pin engaged, you can move the bike wherever you want it inside of your truck using the front of that pivot off. Another great feature."