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Proper Riding Attire

When operating your Timbersled, be sure you are properly attired.

Wearing a helmet can prevent severe head injury. Whenever riding a Timbersled vehicle, always wear a helmet that meets or exceeds established safety standards.

Approved helmets in the U.S. and Canada bear a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) label.

D O T label
Approved helmets in Europe, Asia and Oceania bear the ECE 22.05 label. The ECE mark consists of a circle surrounding the letter E, followed by the distinguishing number of the country that has granted special approval. The approval number and serial number also will be displayed on the label.
E C E label
Eye Protection
Do not depend on eyeglasses or sunglasses for eye protection. Whenever riding a Timbersled vehicle, always wear shatterproof goggles or use a shatterproof helmet face shield. Timbersled recommends wearing approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) bearing markings such as VESC 8, V-8, Z87.1 or CE. Make sure protective eye wear is kept clean.

Be prepared, be warm and be comfortable when riding. Be aware of the weather forecast, especially the windchill, and dress accordingly. Avoid wearing loose clothing or long scarves, which can become entangled in moving parts and cause serious injury. It’s a good idea to wear layers. By layering clothing, you can stay warm when the temperatures drop and still stay comfortable when temperatures warm up by removing a layer of clothing.

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