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Polaris Trailers


The wide range of Polaris vehicles is complemented by the wide line of Polaris Trailers.  Polaris Trailers is a line of all-aluminum utility, car hauler, cargo and snowmobile trailers, all specifically designed for Polaris vehicles. 

Polaris Trailers’ offerings include enclosed cargo trailers, snow trailers and specialty trailers.

Make sure to choose a trailer that accommodates the length, width, height and weight of your vehicle. Browse the Polaris Trailers Fit Guide to find the right trailer for your vehicle.

Polaris Trailers are produced by Alcom® through Polaris' licensing program. Alcom® has hundreds of dealers nationwide. To find a Polaris Trailers Dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator. To learn more about Polaris Trailers, visit

To hear more about Polaris Trailers, listen to the Happy Trailering to You and Your ORV and Trailering Your Sled the Right Way episodes of the Polaris Podcast.

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