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Timbersled Accessory Part Number Conversion Chart

Timbersled used different part numbers before being acquired by Polaris in April of 2015. These previous part numbers are referred to as legacy part numbers.

Legacy accessory part numbers begin with two numbers and then two letters such as 16-SB, 14-SB, 16-MI, 10-TS or 14-PP. 

If you have an accessory with a legacy part number and need to convert a legacy part number to the new part numbers, reference the guide below or click the link for a printable .pdf version.

Note: Some legacy accessories may no longer be available. For more information, view the full line of current Timbersled accessories.

Accessory Part Number Conversion Chart

 Legacy Timbersled 
 Part Number 

 Part Number 
 16-SB-018  2882587  COVER-CANVAS MH 120" 
 16-SB-019  2882588  COVER-CANVAS MH 137" 
 16-SB-013  2882589  CAN-FUEL 3.2 GAL.
 16-SB-021  2882590  BAG-TUNNEL BC 
 16-SB-024  2882591  BAG-TUNNEL ESSENTIAL 
 16-SB-023  2882592  BAG-TUNNEL ADV 
 16-SB-006  2882593  BAG-NUM PLATE 
 16-SB-025 2882594  RAMP-SNOW BIKE 
 16-SB-028  2882595  RAMP-TRACTION BAR 
 16-MI-023  2882635  K-STRAP FUEL CAN 
 16-SB-001  2882636  K-WHEEL AT 
 16-SB-002  2882637  K-WHEEL TRANSPORT 
 10-TS-004  2882596  RAIL-ICE SCRATCHER 
 10-TS-003  2882597  BAG-TOOL COMBO 
 16-SB-004  2882598  BOX-CARGO 
 16-SB-005  2882599  BAG-HANDLEBAR 
 16-SB-008  2882600  BAG-MT ADDICTION LG
 14-SB-001  2882680  ASM-P.O.P KIT TSLD 
 14-SB-002  2882681  ASM-SB DISPLAY 
 14-PP-014-16  2882682  FLAG TSDL 4.8M 
 14-PP-018-16  2882683  BANNER-TSLD 4'X6' 
 14-PP-019-16  2882684  BANNER-TSLD 2'X4' 
 14-PP-020  2882685  CARD-CLIP TSLD 
 14-PP-021  2882686  CARD-DBL. SIDE 
 TSLD 2016 
 14-PP-023  2882687  STAND-TVD DISPLAY TSLD 
 14-PP-024  2882688  CATALOG-2017 TSLD 

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