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Easy Timbersled Installation Video Tutorial

Learn how to easily convert your bike from dirt to snow with this video tutorial featuring Brett Blaser. Follow along as he walks through the Timbersled installation process on a Husqvarna dirt bike.


Video Highlights


Bike prep for Timbersled installation, Timbersled installation walkthrough, Timbersled installation kits, Install Kit

Narrator/Persons featured:

Former Timbersled Product Pro, Brett Blaser


Timbersled Garage in Sandpoint, Idaho

Product(s) featured:

Husqvarna dirt bike, Timbersled install kit, Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS)

Video Chapters


To make your install experience even easier, you’ll find helpful chapters in the video to quickly return to the info you need during your Timbersled installation.

• 0:00 Basic Bike Prep
• 5:35 Airbox and Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS) Installation
• 8:46 Track Install Using Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS)
• 15:23 Track Install Using Fixed Strut
• 20:34 Front End Installation
• 25:47 Brake System


Installation Resources