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Easy Snow Bike Maneuvering with the Timbersled Pivot Dolly

Use our pivot dolly to easily maneuver your snow bike for maintenance tasks, loading/unloading, or wherever you may need. The pivot dolly attaches within seconds to your spindle, making installation a no-brainer. Made of powder-coated steel, this dolly is sturdy enough to keep your bike in place for any adjustments or repairs, but pivots seamlessly to allow for easy maneuvering of your snowbike when not in use.


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Video Highlights


Snow bike maneuvering, snow bike dolly, easy snow bike maintenance tips

Narrator/Persons featured:

Former Timbersled Product Pro, Brett Blaser


Timbersled Manufacturing Plant in Sandpoint, Idaho

Product(s) featured:

Timbersled Pivot Dolly, Timbersled ARO, KTM dirt bike

Video Transcription


Brett Blaser: "Hey, this is Brett from Timbersled. Today we're going to talk about the revolutionary new Timbersled Pivot Dolly. My favorite accessory that we have. Note that the Pivot Dolly, when you order it, it comes with the front and the rear wheels as well. Awesome, awesome value.


So, if you have an ARO or you have the ARO ski and spindle, the dolly integrates perfectly with the new ARO spindle and includes the cross brace that the dolly engages with. Very, very easy to use and has a safety lock out so to install or remove it, I remove the safety lock out and all I have to do is simply lift up on the handle and the dolly is disengaged. Very, very easy.


Now, to reinstall it, I just engage the dolly back on the cross shaft and give it just a little push and it cams over. Very, very simple. And I'll install the lockout safety pin as well.


Now, that's not all. The dolly also has a pivoting feature so to engage the pivot feature (right now it's locked out) I simply pull that back and turn it and now the dolly is in pivot mode. Very simple.


I can lean the bike as I load it. As I unload it, easy to steer, easy to move around, easy to control and it zero's itself out back to the stable position.


That is the new Timbersled Pivot Dolly. Incredible product. Go to or your local Timbersled Polaris dealer today to get one ordered."