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Sean Mortensen

Sean Mortensen

State: Wyoming
Timbersled: Timbersled ARO 3 and Timbersled RIOT
Favorite place to Ride: Snowrange


Sean's passion for snowmobiling started when he was five years old in the Wyoming backcountry surrounding his family’s cabin. In the past four years, he has transitioned to snow biking and has loved it ever since. He also likes to take trips wherever the snow is deep to challenge his skills. He loves going back country where no one else has been and climbing mountains that you couldn’t walk up.


Sean enjoys pushing the limits of where he can go and how hard he can push his equipment. He likes to ride with large groups of friends and family and enjoy sharing all that he has learned along the way. He spends every weekend in the winter riding at his weekend cabin and even takes vacations to ride in the most extreme terrains possible.