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Jon Mutiger

Jon Mutiger

State: British Columbia
Timbersled: ARO 137 LE
Favorite place to Ride: Any new spot where he can test his limits


Jon was a very early adopter and now is entering his 10th season of snowbiking. Glenn Nixon of Nixon Prosports and Jon realized the potential of what was possible on a snowbike and they set out to push the limits of where they go. As the kits get better and better; they keep pushing further and further. Their riding circles have grown over the years and it really feels like snowbikes are a mainstream backcountry commodity now. 


During the non-winter months, Jon enjoys adventure trails, motorcycle riding, boating, and getting away with his wife Sandy. 


If you find yourself in or around the Vancouver / Whistler corridor, please reach out to Jon to schedule a test ride on Timbersled product. He would love to help share his passion for snowbiking!