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Gary Ausman

Gary Ausman

State: Idaho
Timbersled: Timbersled RIOT LE
Favorite place to Ride: Backcountry of Idaho


Born and raised in the mountains of North Idaho, Gary has always been drawn to the adventure and exploration that the backcountry has to offer. Gary’s love for powder began at an early age. By the time he was 3, he was being taught to downhill ski by his parents in Pierce, Idaho. He also quickly became fascinated with power sports and received his first dirt bike in the 4th grade. His combined interest of snow and power, led him to purchase his first snowmobile after graduating from college. When Timbersled developed their first kit, Gary knew he had to have one! His passion for snowbiking has only grown, and he now enjoys introducing new riders to the sport and continuing to explore the mountains and backcountry terrain.