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Timbersled RIOT 3 Features

Suspension Technology

FOX Racing® IBP QS3

The IBP QS3 shocks from FOX Racing® set the standard for snow bike performance. The Internal Bypass (IBP) design is position sensitive, reacting to where the shock is in the stroke. This position sensitivity delivers a smooth ride over stutter bumps and rough terrain, while maintaining bottom out resistance for bit hits and drops. The shocks feature a lightweight design, which reduces critical unsprung mass and improves the overall performance of the Timbersled. The QS3 adjustment features three quick select compression settings, easily tuning the Timbersled to the riding style and conditions.

S Package

The S package features a shorter front spindle and rear shocks, lowering the system while delivering strong suspension performance. With a 3" lower seat height, the RIOT 3 S enables the rider to dominate the powder with ease and agility.

Deep Snow Performance

Gen 2 11.5 x 129 x 3.0 Track

With improvements on the industry's first 3" track, enjoy incredible deep snow performance and playfulness on your ride. This all-new Gen 2 track provides ultimate performance in deep snow conditions with increased floatation and traction.

All-New Limiter Strap

The new limiter strap comes with all RIOT models for added versatility. If you want the full rowdiness of the RIOT, with turndowns and wheelies till the sun sets – simply remove the limiter strap, turn the rear shock to soft and your right in your element.

Gen 2 Timbersled RIOT Rear Suspension

The single arm rear suspension combined with the raised drive shaft and centralized mass allows the Timbersled RIOT to mimic the feel and performance of your dirt bike. The dual shocks are tuned specifically for RIOT for fun and wheelie control.

Durability to Conquer Deep Snow Terrain

Chain Drive

The Chain Drive system is proven for Timbersled Tough performance and durability.

Aluminum Frame and Extruded Frame Rails

Aluminum frame is both strong and lightweight. Extruded frame rails provide increased durability.

Pre-Bled Brake System

Timbersled brakes come from the factory pre-bled, ready to ride. A molded plastic brake cover eliminates ice and debris build up in the system.