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Jason Moore

Jason Moore

State: Alaska
Timbersled: RIOT
Favorite place to Ride: Petersville, Hatchers Pass, and Turnagain, Alaska


Jason got started Snowbiking the year he and his race partner decided to take a year off from racing Iron Dog. He thought he could use a break from pounding the trails day and night preparing for the world's toughest snowmachine race and have some fun. What happened that year was he found a whole new love for boondocking. Don't get him wrong, he still enjoys racing and he loves snowmachines, but he will tell you that he will never go a season without his Timbersled!


Jason has been places on his Timbersled that he never thought were possible. It is such a high adrenaline/low impact sport for aging racers. When he is not playing in the snow, Jason is an Elementary School Principal. During the summer months, he manges the Alaska Skydive Center. He has been married to his wife Tara for 18 years. They have three children: Lucy, Mikael and Ozzy. If you're ever in the Last Frontier look for him in Petersville; he is out there every weekend there is snow!