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Polaris Timbersled

SnowCheck Your Timbersled

Timbersled Snowcheck


Reserve your 2021 Timbersled. Select a system and choose your color to preview your Timbersled system.
  • Timbersled 120R
    Timbersled 120R
  • Timbersled Ripper
    Timbersled Ripper
    Starting at$1,999US MSRP
  • Timbersled RIOT
    Timbersled RIOT
    Starting at$4,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled RIOT S
    Timbersled RIOT S
    Starting at$4,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO  129
    Timbersled ARO 129
    Starting at$5,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO  S
    Timbersled ARO S
    Starting at$5,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO 120
    Timbersled ARO 120
    Starting at$5,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled RIOT LE
    Timbersled RIOT LE
    Starting at$5,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled RIOT S LE
    Timbersled RIOT S LE
    Starting at$5,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled RIOT Velocity
    Timbersled RIOT Velocity
    Starting at$5,599US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO 137
    Timbersled ARO 137
    Starting at$5,999US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO  129 LE
    Timbersled ARO 129 LE
    Starting at$6,499US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO 3 LE
    Timbersled ARO 3 LE
    Starting at$6,899US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO 137 LE
    Timbersled ARO 137 LE
    Starting at$6,999US MSRP
  • Timbersled ARO 3 Velocity
    Timbersled ARO 3 Velocity
    Starting at$6,999US MSRP
  • Timbersled 120 SX
    Timbersled 120 SX
    Starting at$7,499US MSRP


Fill in your contact information to submit your SnowCheck order to a Timbersled Dealer. Then visit your dealer by May 1st to submit your $500 deposit.
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