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ST 120 Raw Overview

Aggressive Performance, Exceptional Value

The Timbersled® ST 120 RAW delivers the ultimate combination of performance and value. You can optimize your snow bike budget and experience full Timbersled performance technology on hard-pack and in powder - to take you anywhere you want to go. 
Uncompromising Performance

Uncompromising Performance

The best high performance, high value kit in the industry

Experience precision handling and unrivaled control. 
Timbersled Tough

Timbersled® Tough

Proven Performance in the Toughest Terrain 

Strong where it needs to be and light where it can be, the aluminum side panel design provides lightweight strength for increased durability without sacrificing performance.



<span></span> Chain Case Chain <span></span>

EK520 SRX2 54 Link (continuous)

<span></span> Drive Chain <span></span> EK520 SRX70 Link (master link)
<span></span> Disc Brake Type <span></span> Wilwood Dual Opposed Piston


<span></span> Front Track Shock <span></span> RydeFX®
<span></span> Rear Track Shock <span></span> RydeFX® 
<span></span> Rear Suspension <span></span> Non-Pivoting Long Arm
<span></span> Ski Type <span></span> Timbersled Traverse Ski™ 


<span></span> Estimated Dry
- Front
<span></span> 16.0 / 7.25
<span></span> Estimated Dry
- Rear
<span></span> 120 / 54.4

Overall Length

<span></span> 63.0 / 160.0
<span></span> Overall Length
<span></span> 12.5 x 120 x 2.5 Convex
ST 120 RAW - Highlights & Measurements