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Ben Kuppers

Ben Kuppers

State: British Columbia
Timbersled: Timbersled ARO 3
Favorite place to Ride: Kitimat BC 


Being born to ride for most of us is a way of life and Ben grew up making dirt bike engine sounds before he could talk. Dirtbiking was a way of life growing up that hijacked his every thought. He also spent a lot of time snowboarding and cross-country skiing which soon became obsolete when he bought his first snow machine and could have fun going up and down the mountains. The first time Ben was able to get in the saddle of a snowbike his life changed as he knew it, it was like the stars aligned and he could see how different the sport was to sledding. He quickly learned how to get into really gnarly terrain that on a sled would take a lot of talent and confidence to conquer. For him snowbiking is the ultimate adrenaline fix in the backcountry!