Mountain Horse Models

The ST (Short Track) kit is our standard and most popular snow bike conversion kit. It includes a 120 long track that is 12.5 wide with 2 tall paddles. This kit provides the best maneuverability and control for mountain riding along with the best power to traction ratio to utilize the power of a dirt bike as small as 250cc. However we have found that the 450cc motocross bikes have the best power to weight ratio out of all dirt motorcycle classes.
The kit provides plenty of storage space on the tunnel for gas can and cargo bags to pack all your needed gear.

Track Kit Price Fit Kit Price Complete Kit Price
$5300 $300 $5600

The LT (Long Track) kit is the same as the ST but with a longer track. The kit offers a 137 long track that is 12.5 wide with 2 tall paddles. This kit provides 20% more traction in deep snow over the ST kit and will give you a more secure feeling on a steep side hill allowing you to handle more extreme situations due to its added traction and longer foot print. The down side to having the longer track is that it will reduce the top speed of your bike on the trail by approximately 8 mph. It will also reduce the maneuverability simply because it is longer. The LT kit really shines for cross country riding when mounted to a suitable bike. We recommend that it is used on a 500cc or larger bike.

Track Kit Price Fit Kit Price Complete Kit Price
$6000 $300 $6300

The SX (Snow Cross) kit is a purpose built kit for snow cross racing, hard pack snow and rough terrain riding. The kit uses a 10.5 wide version of our regular mountain track (2 narrower than our ST and LT kits). Along with the narrower track, the sub frame and tunnel is also narrower for a more slim fit on the bike (the tunnel on the SX is about the same width as the bike frame). The drive axle on the SX is higher and farther forward in the tunnel than our ST and LT kits. We were able to do this on the SX kit because of the added space we gained for your feet from it being 2 narrower.

The SX kit is dual suspended; it includes the same track suspension as the ST and LT models along with an additional shock in the Sub Frame/Swing Arm. This adds up to a total of 20 of rear suspension travel.

Here is how it works: The secondary suspension pivots from the stock swing arm location. It is operated from a strut rod that replaces the stock motorcycle shock and attaches to a linkage arm that pivots to activate the shock mounted horizontally on the snow bike sub frame at a 4 to 1 ratio. This linkage suspension is fine tuned to work in conjunction with the rear skid suspension. All this adds up to a precision feeling suspension that is very tunable for racing and abusive rough terrain.

The 2015 SX will feature the following updates:

  • Full length race tunnel with grab handle
  • Fox Float-3 track shocks
  • Timbersled Flex Arm
Track Kit Price Fit Kit Price Complete Kit Price
$6200 $400 $6600