ST 120 RAW

Uncompromising performance. Unbeatable price.

Aggressive Performance, Exceptional Value.

The Timbersled® ST 120 RAW delivers the ultimate combination of performance and value. You’ll optimize your snow bike budget and experience full Timbersled performance technology on hard-pack and in powder – to take you anywhere you want to go.
  • Your Timbersled® ST 120 RAW comes complete with full instructions. Please refer to the full instructions when installing.  


  • Remove fork guards
  • Remove speed sensor (if applicable), and front brake system (leave master cylinder on the bars)
  • Remove front axle and tire


  • Remove the rear master cylinder from the bike frame (leave connected to caliper)
  • Remove the upper shock bolt
  • Remove the drive chain
  • Remove the swing arm axle and remove the entire rear suspension and swing arm assembly (including wheel and brake system)
  • Utilize supplied fitment chart to install the necessary spacers and reducers to the universal spindle
  • Install spindle, using to stock front axle, to lower fork tubes, leave axle loose
  • Mount fork clamps to fork tubes and position spindle per detailed instructions
  • Tighten front axle and fork clamps
  • Install ski onto spindle using supplied hardware
  • Utilize supplied fitment chart to install the necessary spacers and reducers on to track kit
  • Install Fixed Strut or Suspension Strut onto track kit
  • Install track kit onto frame utilizing stock swing arm axle (Note: Suspension Strut install will require modifications to stock air box)
  • Reinstall upper shock bolt thru Fixed Strut or Suspension Strut
  • Install supplied drive chain and tension per instructions
  • Route supplied brake line to front brake master cylinder and bleed the brake system


Take your bike from dirt to snow with Timbersled.