ST 90 Ripper

Family Fun Riding. Timbersled Performance.

Enjoy the Timbersled Experience on Your Favorite 110cc Bike

The ST 90 Ripper lets the whole family experience Timbersled riding on the 110cc dirt bike in your fleet. This versatile system has a low ride height for outstanding performance and nimble handling. The low-friction undercarriage works on any surface so you can ride year-round, on snow and dirt!
  • Your Timbersled ST 90 Ripper comes complete with full instructions. Please refer to the full instructions when installing your Ripper.


  • Remove the front brake lever, Caliper, and cable retainer 
  • Remove front wheel
  • Remove front sprocket cover and drive sprocket


  • Remove the seat and side panels
  • Remove chain
  • Remove rear brake lever from frame
  • Remove upper rear shock bolt and/or pin
  • Remove rear swing arm bolt
  • Remove the shock, tire, brake and swing arm assembly from the bike as a complete unit 
  • Install ski onto spindle using supplied hardware
  • Utilize supplied fitment chart to install the necessary spacers and reducers to the universal spindle
  • Install spindle, using to stock front axle bolt to attach the front spindle to the forks, leave loose
  • Mount fork clamps to fork tubes and position spindle per detailed instructions
  • Tighten front axle and fork clamps 
  • Install Fixed Strut onto track kit
  • Utilize supplied fitment chart to install the necessary spacers and reducers on to track kit at the swing arm bolt location
  • Install track kit onto frame utilizing stock swing arm axle
  • Bolt the rear of the strut rod to the kit assembly
  • Install supplied drive chain and tension per instructions
  • Route supplied brake line to front brake master cylinder and properly secure brake line as indicated in instructions
  • Install rear cowling 


Take your bike from dirt to snow with Timbersled.