ST 120

Uncompromising Stability. Ultimate Versatility.

Industry-leading performance in all conditions.

The Timbersled ST 120 can handle anything your powder-filled imagination can throw at it. The 120" track and 10" Backcountry ski provide uncomprising stability and efficient traction through all snow conditions. The ST is the ultimate do-everything snow bike system.

ST 120 LE (Limited Edition)

Offered only during pre-season SnowCheck, the ST 120 LE takes suspension plushness and adjustability to a whole new level. Featuring custom valved Fox Zero QS3r coil over shocks, custom colors, and custom graphics; the ST 120 LE is the undisputed king of snow bike suspension.

New Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS) (optional)

TSS adds 8.5” of additional plush suspension, for a total 20" of travel, and makes the Timbersled feel shorter and more nimble by restoring that dirt bike “pivot” in the rear suspension.

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120" x 12.5" Convex 2.5 Track

The new Convex 2.5 easily outperforms all other designs by increasing efficiency, handling, and reducing weight. The specific “Convex” shape mimics a tire making it easier for trail and hard pack riding.

Long Arm Convex Pivoting Suspension

The most efficient, best climbing, smoothest riding long travel snow bike suspension on the planet. It also utilizes our Front Flex Arm technology that feels narrower like a tire, and helps keep your bike level as you ride across uneven terrain.

Custom Valved FOX Zero Pro Shocks

Since 2009 Timbersled has worked tirelessly to develop the only Snow Bike tuned Fox Zero Pro shocks that make your ride just right. They will handle everything from tiny terrain variations to massive drops.

New EK X-ring chain

All 2017 Timbersled systems feature the proven EK X-ring chain. Timbersled used EK chain on all 2011-2015 systems with 100% success.

New RMK I-Beam rails and bumpers

The new 2017 rails and bumpers are stronger and lighter; thanks to proven RMK technology.

What's Included:

ST track system, 10" Backcountry ski and spindle, new EK X-ring chain, 5' brake line. Requires TSS or Solid Strut Install Fit Kit.


Take your bike from dirt to snow with Timbersled.

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