We Are Continuously Innovating.

Timbersled is committed to continuous product improvements and innovation. As the industry leader, Timbersled strives to give you an unmatched riding experience by continuous testing and development, leading to year over year product improvements.

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The all-new ARO Platform revolutionizes snow biking. It optimizes a bike's performance by making more efficient use of the engine's power, delivers easy and responsive handling and dramatically improves deep-snow performance.

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Year to Year

Changes and New features 2017

- ST 120 RAW

- LE (Limited Edition) Models

- New Side Panels

- Updated Graphics and Colors

- New RMK I-Beam Rails and Bumpers

- New EK X-Ring Chain

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Changes and New features 2016

- Timbersled Suspension Strut

- Convex Pivoting, Long-Travel Suspension

- Bottomless Rail System

- Reactor Rear Suspension Arm

- Dominator Drive System

- Ultra Lightweight JT Splined Sprockets

- Efficient Double Row Upper Idler Wheels

- Convex 2.5 Track

- High-Flow Intake System

- HD Fork Clamp System

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Changes and New features 2015

- Lower Seat

- Tunnel Graphics

- Drive System

- Drive Bearings

- Chain Case Cover

- Ski

- Rear Suspension

- Brake System

- Tunnel

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Changes and New features 2014

- Brake Line

- Dual Track Center Skag

- Mountain Tamer "Flex" Front Arm

- Back Shock Spring

- LT Snow Flap

- Color Change

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Changes and New features 2013

- 10" Wide Back Country Ski

- Custom Track

- Custom Side Rails

- Recalibrated Suspension

- Greasable Bearings

- 3 Models

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Changes and New features 2012

- Sprockets and Chain

- Break Caliper

- Fox Zero Pro Shocks

- Hard Anodized Shafts

- Single Limiter Strap

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